My Approach

As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist I help individuals stop the damaging diet cycle, make peace with food and embrace life-long health. Whether you are ready to end the dieting cycle, digestive problems, or simply need help getting your family back around the dinner table, I provide the tools and support you need to make those healthful changes last. Finally, health, healing and enjoying food again are all within your reach.

“Trish listened to me, my description of my life and eating habits and then she put together great ideas and strategies suited to me. I’ve been able to use the knowledge and information she gave for my success and good health.” – Marla

“When I first met Trish 3 years ago  my husband and I were attempting to start our family but having difficulty and I knew I needed to make some lifestyle changes. Trish taught me how to no longer 'diet' and much more.  I feel more in control of my life and have such a great relationship with food. The best part is that with the changes we made my husband and I were able to start our family.” – Stacie

“Trish helped me get out my dieting mindset and appreciate my body. I ate a lot more food than I had allowed myself to eat in the past and I still achieved my health goals. I remember one day I felt guilty for eating too many cookies. She told me that “yesterday was a great day, and that we were not going to sit around and beat ourselves up, but keep moving forward.” That was a sigh of relief for me. I now enjoy a balance of healthful and fun foods." – Rachel



 Individual Counseling

1 month package $200

1 hour-long, initial consultation

1 half-hour, follow-up visit

1 detailed email summary

3 month package $400

1 hour-long, initial consultation

4 half-hour, follow-up visits

6 month package $700

1 hour-long, initial consultation

8 half-hour, follow-up visits

 Corporate Wellness

Single Seminar $300

Multi-media or hands-on presentation up to 1 hour on any nutrition/health related topic that is relevant to your employees.

Year-long Wellness Package $1500

3 Separate seminars that also include:

• 1 hour of short, one-on-one coaching sessions with employees following each seminar.

• 1 Summary sheet that accompanies each seminar topic to be distributed to employees.

 Free Services

Youth / Church / Community Groups

Presentations to youth or church groups provided at no cost. If you’d like to contact me regarding this, or any other package, please email me at:

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